We are grateful for the financial support provided by the EE under the Tourism Revival Program in 2022 (funded as part of the Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic).

For more than 10 years, Kuursaal has been offering guests cosy accommodation in the castle park, good food in the Ku-Kuu fish restaurant and quality entertainment. Every day, we offer a new selection of fresh fish called “Daily Catch” – this is our restaurant’s calling card, which has received a lot of media coverage and appeals to locals as well as visitors.

Our goal is to raise the seafood experience offered to guests to a higher level and for this occasion we have planned – through implementing new investments – to include in the activities of Kuursaal an interactive centre for introducing seafood and traditions. We promote and value local and fresh raw ingredients and sustainable entrepreneurship. We want the visitors of Saaremaa to know more about the local culture and customs and to find interesting activities. We want to introduce local traditions, customs and methods of preparation of seafood, taking into account both ancient and modern possibilities. We want our guests to take away as a gift from their trip valuable information about the island’s food culture, customs and history.

With the project funding, we can refresh the front terrace of Kuursaal and create a cosy space for those interested in local food culture and history. We’ll create an opportunity to learn new things through an interactive learning centre, by entertaining guests with various educational videos, games and exhibitions.

With this support (71 702,40 €), we can create even better ways to handle and store fresh food raw ingredients, digitalise the service process, to simplify several work processes and operate in a more environmentally sustainable way.

We are pleased about the opportunity to take our work to the next level and set an example for others to follow.